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About Ayu Sauce#

Ayu Sauce
Ayu Sauce · Post-90s Elderly

Currently a janitor at a certain Internet company.

Eating, sleeping, playing games, pretending to be cute and showing off

Favorite second-dimensional girl with red hair, boy with white hair

Never give up chasing the footsteps of the second dimension, I love you, I have always been serious.

Love life, love anime, love music, love tinkering. Life never stops, keep tinkering~

Very much a homebody, very lazy. But can handle both the hall and the kitchen.

Likes listening to music, especially the opening songs of various anime.

Will I be beaten to death by crazy patriots?

Personal Skills & Titles#

[✔] Full-stack engineer (front-end, back-end, embedded development, desktop applications) - CD: 80% -- Passive: randomly tinkering
[✔] Anime-style beautiful girl illustrator - CD: 30% -- Passive: I have a wife now
[✔] 3D character modeler - CD: 20% -- Passive: my wife is moving
[✔] Proficient in Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, English, and the language of the Three Kingdoms - CD: 50% -- Passive: poor English
[✔] Master chef - CD: 60% -- Passive: eating to death
[✔] Skilled guitarist - CD: 40% -- Passive: guitar gathering dust
[✔] Piano master - CD: 5% -- Passive: just touch it
[✔] Travel blogger - CD: 10% -- Passive: decreasing savings
[✔] Unboxing expert - CD: 100% -- Passive: picking up trash
[✔] Late-stage chuunibyou patient - CD: 200% -- Passive: dying cutely
[✔] Terrible sense of direction - CD: 80% -- Passive: getting lost

Personal Resume#

  • Nobel Prize in Literature reader
  • Student from Tsinghua University
  • Resume submitter for Fortune 500 companies
  • Senior investor in a multimillion-dollar lottery project
  • Owner of a golden profile picture
  • Alibaba Group Taobao 88VIP
  • Former iQiyi member
  • 0.002 million-follower internet celebrity blogger
  • BiliBili million UP main fan
  • 8-year Meituan VIP
  • 10-year master player of Rhythm Master
  • Played as a hero in the King's Canyon for a few years

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